Working With Legal Counsel

Working With Legal Counsel

Is a Larger Company Trying To Take Over Your Small Business With Unfair Prices?

by Janet Myers

In some instances, a buyout or a takeover of a small business can be profitable for the owner. Often, these larger businesses offer fair prices that will give you a profit. However, if a larger company is attempting to buy you out at unfair prices, you need to talk to a business litigation attorney right away to ensure that you get what is due to you.

Buyouts Can Be a Complex Process

A buyout is a process of a company literally buying the rights to your business, its brand, and everything associated with it. In some instances, a takeover is strictly based on stocks and getting a majority control. However, small businesses like yours might be privately owned and sold only by you.

As a result, you need to ensure that you get the best possible prices. And most of the time, a company attempting to buy you out is going to be fair. In some instances, though, you might get a terrible offer that is, for many reasons, either hard or impossible to ignore.

Unfair Prices Are a Common Tactic

Unfortunately, a large number of companies will try to buy out smaller businesses at prices that aren't fair. They often use bullying or blackmail tactics to try to get the company to sell. The idea behind this process is to eliminate a promising young company by pulling them into their model and taking over their brand and expansion.

As a result, they may offer unfair prices to save themselves money. In many corporate situations, it may be difficult to avoid having to sell or taking the buyout, particularly if the larger company is putting pressure on you. However, you can always talk to a high-quality business litigation attorney to get help if you are being unfairly bullied into selling cheap.

Takeover Litigation May Be Necessary

If you believe that your small business is being bought out at an unfair price, talk to a takeover litigation attorney right away. Business litigation lawyers know the laws surrounding this legal problem and can help you take steps to ensure that you get the price that is due to you when you are bought out by a larger company.

Often, this will require the use of an independent business valuation process. These professionals will gauge the value of your business using a variety of different elements. If they find that your business is worth more than what is being offered, you and your lawyer may be able to argue for more money or even prevent the buyout completely.

So if you are stuck in a tough takeover situation and want to keep your business to yourself, don't hesitate to contact a high-quality business litigation lawyer. These specialists can provide you with the help you need to get the price that you deserve for your business.


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