Working With Legal Counsel

Working With Legal Counsel

  • Don't Agree To An Oral Contract, Especially For These Four Reasons

    Breaches of contracts can cause substantial damage to your business operations. When signing a contract, do everything in your power to minimize the risk of a breach. One helpful advice is to avoid oral contracts which, although enforceable, face a higher risk of breach than written contracts. In particular, don't sign an oral contract for any of these four reasons: The Other Party Insists On It Proving an oral contract is harder than proving a written contract.

  • When A Bequest Cannot Be Honored

    The need for making a will cannot be overstated, and by now nearly everyone has a good understanding of how important this part of estate planning can be. Unfortunately, many people think of will creation as being a "one and done" sort of thing. A will that is outdated may cause even more problems than having no will at all, particularly when it comes to the issue of ademption. Few people are familiar with this troublesome aspect of wills, so read on to learn more and how important it can be to update your will on a regular basis.

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    Working With Legal Counsel

    When was the last time you were forced to defend your business? If you are like most company owners, you might not be prepared for the kind of legal battles your adversaries can throw at you, which is why you should be ready with a great business attorney. I started working with legal counsel a few years ago, and it has made a tremendous difference with my confidence. Now, I feel like I am ready for anything, even when the future of my business isn't sure. This blog is all about working with legal counsel to navigate the harsh waters lawsuits can throw at you.